New website and online bookings go live!

Elizabeth House Osteopathy - Everything's changed but nothing's changed!

 Catrin Mear 

Catrin Mear 

From today we go live with our fresh new website and on line bookings. Please note the subtle company name change which is a slightly easier mouthful and the change to our website and email addresses. The old addresses will still work but the aim is to eventually phase them out so to ensure we stay in contact please add to your inbox.

I had been aware for a while that my website was looking rather old fashioned (it was 8 years old - eek!) and I wanted to make it more useful and convenient for you our most valued patients. The new site includes an area you can go to book online at your convenience at any time of day or night. This news and blog page is where we will be storing articles and resources that we may have recommended to you during the treatment session such as exercises or information. If you would like to receive notifications of updates make sure to either like us on Facebook using the icon below as they will automatically feed through or send me your email address and you will receive our updates which you can of course always opt out of at any time 

I would really welcome any feedback on how user friendly you find the site and the online booking system so that we can resolve any teething problems and make it as good as possible. You can contact me via, the contact page or via Facebook. Thank you and I wish you well!